Vehicle Appraisal Service

Vehicle Valuation Service

The scope of our Vehicle Appraisal Service ranges from a quick but accurate value on a vehicle you are about to buy or sell, all the way up to in depth insurance and legal counsel valuations. We use the latest tools, auction reports and dealer-only price guides to determine as accurately as possible what a vehicle is, or was worth. That means we can provide an up to the moment appraisal, or a value from months or years in the past plus determine what it may be in the future based off current price trends. We also offer a hybrid service that links our Pre-Purchase Inspection program to truly dial in what a vehicle is worth based on its overall drive-ability and mechanical condition. No matter what level of service you need, Mair's will place a well researched value on your vehicle. We have been in business since 1975 and have bought, sold, inspected and appraised countless cars and trucks in that time. No one else in the area has the expertise and tools at our disposal. We also provide professional and secure towing services and storage if needed and of course, will travel to you if requested. 

The cost of our Vehicle Appraisal Service starts at a low $39 and is a perfect level of service for many buyers and sellers. Past, future and mechanical evaluations are more, however when considering the risk of losing money on guesses, a comprehensive appraisal is well worth the cost. Insurance company, legal or court ordered appraisals and travel costs to a vehicle are priced on a case by case basis. We can even offer consultations over the phone or internet when it may be impossible to inspect the vehicle in person. All Appraisals will include a printed description of work and our valuation.

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