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As I watch some of our competitors expand into different makes and models of cars from where they started, I wonder what the outcome might be if they no longer focus on their specialty?  Mair's Continental Motors has been in business since the summer 1975 and since then, the ONLY new make of vehicle we specialize in selling and servicing is Subaru.  We really love our German cars and continue to progress our education and tooling to keep up with the latest innovations. Not to worry if your second car is a Toyota, Volvo or Ford F150 truck, we'll gladly work on them as well. But the difference with us is we'll be up front and honest if we feel a repair is beyond our ability to complete perfectly. We'll cheerfully recommend one of our preferred partners to help with those.

Pre-owned vehicle sales is another thing to be mindful of.  When buying elsewhere, be certain to ask if they service what they sell, if every car is up to date with mileage specific service intervals, leaves the lot with fresh safety and emissions certificates, and if the owner has personally driven every vehicle at least 50 miles.  We also offer warranties on most units. 

Mair's can also locate any car we don't normally stock on our lot. We are a full service licensed safety inspection and emissions station, performing most major work including air conditioning, emissions, minor body work, diesel services and advanced diagnostics. We specialize in TDI repairs including timing belt services, camshaft replacement and 2.0 TDI balance shaft swaps. We currently use 4 different German car specific scan tools, have access to factory documentation and are a member of ASE, Euro-Diagnostics tech services, IATN, Shop Key/Mitchell on Demand and Alldata information services. Our technicians are VW, Audi, BMW and Mercedes Benz factory trained, and also Bosch certified.

Our philosophy is simple. Our goal is to provide outstanding and honest service and sales to all our clients, for a fair price. I have a strong distaste for those businesses that taint our industry. All too often we hear of dishonest business practices, shady deals and improper or incomplete service work. No human is perfect, nor is any garage. But any person or establishment that knowlingly fouls our profession through less than truthful actions gives us the strength to try harder in providing the best sales and service possible. I've personally interviewed dozens of applicants for our service center to find the most experienced and brightest techicians available.

Our head technician and shop foreman, Jeffrey Baird, brings an incredible amount of knowledge and specialty tools to our facility. He has extensive VW, Audi and Mercedes Benz factory training and has brought a new level of professionalism to this business. Through him, we have raised our ability to work on the latest model vehicles and provide our clients with thorough analysis, diagnostics and consultation like never before.

Something else to consider, take a look at how long we've been in business. Fly-by-nighters, those not dedicated to the profession and less than honest businesses don't stick around for over 40 years. And finally, we are German car specialists. Would you allow a jack-of-all trades person to put a roof on your house? Or would you hire a roofing expert that will get it right the first time? Be careful of having your German car fixed or purchased from anyone who doesn't specialize in them!
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