Pre-Purchase Vehicle Inspection

Pre-Purchase Vehicle Inspection Program

Mair's Continental Motors understands that you may sometimes find the perfect vehicle at another dealership or someone's front yard. We would be happy to ensure you complete an informed and satisfying vehicle purchase by offering our Pre-Purchase Vehicle Inspection service. Based off of our own strict and thorough guidelines for inspecting our own vehicles, we'll gladly travel to the vehicle or arrange for it to be inspected at our location. No matter if its European, Japanese, American or something from Mars, we'll give it strong scrutiny under our careful eye. We offer everything from a simple walk-around and test drive to a comprehensive on-lift inspection with full computer scan checks, paint thickness and hidden body damage checks, along with a vehicle history report.

Remember one thing... There is a reason that a car is put up for sale and the vast majority of the time it's because there is, or shortly will be a big problem, or that a major and costly service is due. Trust us to find what is wrong and how best to proceed. Along with this service, we also offer a Vehicle Appraisal service which will provide you with the most accurate valuation available. Not only will you know a lot more about the vehicle you are about to buy, you'll also know exactly what it is worth!  

Since 1975, We've bought, sold, inspected and appraised countless vehicles, and with our extensive list of tools, information services and expertise, no one in the area has the capability to provide a thorough and comprehensive examination of any vehicle. Call 610-779-3555 or email to arrange, and ask for Rolf.



Tier1—$29.00, Our basic PPI service includes enough information to give the car owner or purchaser an overview of a vehicles condition and needs, and insight into how well the car was treated. We will make you aware of any visibly needed repairs and give you our thoughts about how well it was maintained. Included with this package is a thorough walk-around, under-hood inspection and visual inspection of all areas accessible without using a lift. We include an all-encompassing test drive of at least 5 miles.

Tier2- $69.00This level really opens up the door to what a particular vehicle is worth and what problems it may have. Included with this package is everything in Tier1. We then raise the vehicle on a lift for inspection of the undercarriage, chassis, frame/unibody, suspension and steering, tires, braking system, fluid leaks and anything else within view. We test drive the vehicle for at least 5 miles and report any odd behavior or driveability issues. We also will perform a thorough Vehicle History Report via Autocheck. This is the perfect package for most PPI’s and vehicle evaluations.

Additional Services to either Tier:

Scan tool hook-up, which includes connecting our diagnostics computer to your 1996 or newer vehicle and interrogating the ECM (engine control module) and taking note of any trouble codes, either live or pending. In most cases, we can even tell if the check engine light has been recently extinguished in order to hide an ongoing trouble code.  This important add-on only costs $25!

Perhaps you’d like additional modules interrogated, such as the transmission, airbag, climate control or ABS. Depending on the make and model, we can have a look for trouble codes in those computers as well. Only $5 per module with scan tool hook-up service.

This may be the most important additional service we offer, **accident, body repair and repaint inspection**. Both tiers of PPI’s can reveal obvious collision repair and repaint work that was poorly done. Two things should concern you however. First, vehicle history reports are no where near 100% accurate and two, there are body shops that do extremely good work and make it nearly impossible to detect a previous accident or repainted body panels.  Because we are in the business of buying and selling vehicles, we have an eye trained to find these situations. However, even the best may need an extra ‘eye’. With this service, we not only visually inspect the entire car, we also employ an expensive paint thickness tool to locate non-original paint work, body filler and even previous rust repair. Over 50 points on the vehicle’s painted surface are tested for OEM level paint consistency. Only $35 with purchase of tier1 or 2, $49 as a stand alone service. There is no worse feeling than buying a vehicle with a clean vehicle history report only to find later that it was in a major accident!

Additional Services:

--We Travel! Cost varies on a case by case basis. We'll happily work with you and the seller to accommodate everyone efficiently and quickly. We can even assist with arranging PPI's at other facilities if you are buying a car through Ebay or in any manner in which the distance is too far to travel and the vehicle needs to be shipped.

-- Don't forget our Vehicle appraisal service. Our PPI's will provide outstanding information to help guide you in your quest to buy a vehicle, but what's it really worth? Online pricing guides may get you in the ballpark, but our paid subscription price guides along with our up to the minute auction reports really dial it in. Our PPI service will have the ability to deduct or add value beyond what is normally given with just an appraisal and for one low price, we can provide the ultimate value of any vehicle so you can make your purchase with confidence!

--In some instances, if the seller allows, we are available to do partial tear-downs of certain components to inspect deep into the heart of a car. Such services include checking for previous flooding, rodent damage, structural and hidden rust issues, sludged engines, noisy drivetrains and more.

--We don't neglect inspecting the common parts either. Full air condition and heater testing, electronic component operation, battery and charging system tests, borescope usage and anything else that concerns you is something we can easily handle. Inquire for pricing.